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Make Me A Leader

A feature-length documentary on how leaders can optimise brain and body performance to thrive in the 21st Century.

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MARCH 31, 2020

Expanding our leadership abilities is critical in this new era, no matter who we are. We originally produced this film in 2018 with the intention of helping all of us understand how important it is to develop our personal leadership.

Leaders are now currently facing highly complex situations and are required to lead (and follow) in an uncertain and volatile world. It is important that we come together in these times. We must develop a new mindset for the future if we want to solve our global problems, continue to progress and create a better society.

In light of this, we have made our documentary available online for anyone to watch on demand, for free.

‘Make Me A Leader’ will allow you to reflect on what leadership needs to look like and provide you with strategies on how to improve your wellbeing and performance.

This film can now be screened/shared for free to any type of audience, shown in any organisation and used as part of an online training program for staff or students. It is also available with the following captions: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified). You can share the link or embed the film using our Facebook or YouTube players.

For media inquiries, broadcasting, distribution, information on our corporate training offering or if you would like to purchase an offline copy / DVD of this film, contact us!

Our world needs better leaders, now more than ever. Are you ready to redefine leadership?

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About the film

Develop the human behind the leader.

The Make Me A Leader Documentary was produced by award-winning leadership expert Silvia Damiano and her team at the About my Brain Institute. Silvia traveled the globe to interview experts and discover how to adapt our brains in a changing world - where ‘creativity’ replaces ‘knowledge’ as our most valuable leadership quality.

This film sheds a new light into how to develop the leaders of the future. It suggests a new mindset based on science that integrates our entire biological system from the brain down.

Through various leadership stories and interviews with scientists, you will gain insights into; the power of the heart, brain health & technology, the science of meditation, sleep health, the mind-gut connection, how to fight sedentarism and how to develop resilience to adapt more effectively.

Watch it now! On demand, for free.

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  • Exploring the connection between brain & body

  • The science of meditation

  • Sleep, performance and leadership

  • Developing resilience and facing your fears

  • Fighting sedentarism

  • Creating more compassionate societies

An Award-Winning Film

Make Me A Leader has won 8 international awards!

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What People Say

To read our latest testimonials, visit our IMDb movie page or check some of them out below!


It’s clear that you’ve been on a noble quest to understand how we can all become better people in every aspect of our lives. The film is really well constructed and very engaging. It clearly points the way, through a carefully constructed and evidence-based framework, to providing us with the knowledge and tools to take our destiny into our own hands to become effective leaders at all levels of the organisation and outside of work. Personally, I was left feeling inspired and energised by the prospect of positive change and improvement through understanding and seeing to the health and alignment of brain, heart & gut.

Michael Wright

Acting Deputy Secretary
NSW Public Service

A great balance of inspiration, science, practical advise and testimonials from some of the world's best leaders and thinkers, ‘Make Me A Leader’ is a must watch for people who take the challenge of human leadership in the new world seriously.

Bradley Andrews

The film is outstanding – I’ve been watching it and it’s produced so well. Having grown up in a film family – my brother had 4 Emmy’s and my dad produced over 20 films winning awards at the Cannes Film Festival, I am so thrilled with what you created in this film.

Judith Glaser

I've just watched ‘Make Me A Leader’ and I am deeply excited and hopeful. I have been a passionate of human development for many years and I can say that the proposal of Silvia Daminano has evolved everything. Damiano along with 28 experts make you understand the importance of your brain and body development towards the evolution as a leader and person. The documentary film is a gift for your life and for the people that are beside you, whether professionally or personally. Be prepared to have an absolutely moving experience.

Ricardo Gonzalez

‘Make Me A Leader’ was mind-blowing and yet made so much sense. It's the future of great leadership and shows how we can all be the best version of ourselves as well as bringing the best out in those around us too. The science-based evidence that sits behind the leadership values is explained by many incredible experts which is enlightening and fascinating. By implementing the strategies they share in this movie we can make sure we utilise our highest potential we have in each and every one of us. This includes how we show up at home, with family, friends, and in the workplace. I would say this is a ‘one to watch’ for anyone who wants to thrive as a human being. Thank you for bringing this movie to life and all the incredible work you do at About my Brain.

Julia Maunder

7 Wellbeing Strategies for Optimal Brain & Body Performance

An inspirational free 88 page e-Book based on the Make Me A Leader Documentary!

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Director's Interview

Silvia Damiano - CEO of the About my Brain Institute


Silvia Damiano founded the About my Brain Institute in 2009, with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. She has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership.

In her ground-breaking book ‘Leadership Is Upside Down’ and the 2018 documentary ‘Make Me A Leader’, Silvia provides both compelling evidence and explores the importance of leadership performance in our personal and professional lives and what it takes to develop the ‘human behind the leader’.

In this film, Silvia proposes the idea of everyone embracing their own leadership to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that the Imagination Age presents.

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Many use the word leadership, but only a few understand what it truly takes to become a leader. Based on the latest research, this documentary explores how developing our mind & brain can help us achieve leadership greatness.
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Featured Scientists

Make Me A Leader features interviews with business leaders, academics, various leadership specialists and world-renowned scientists.

See who is who below and check out all related articles!

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Dr. Fred Travis

Dr. Fred Travis

Centre for Brain, Consciousness & Cognition
Maharishi University of Management, USA

Read Article
Dr. Harald Harung

Dr. Harald Harung

Associate Professor
College of Applied Science
Oslo & Akerahus University, Norway

Read Article
Judith Glaser

Judith Glaser

Author ‘Conversational Intelligence’
New York, USA

Read Article
Jay Vidyarthi

Jay Vidyarthi

Head of User Experience
Toronto, Canada

Read Article
Dr. Carmel Harrington

Dr. Carmel Harrington

Sleep Expert & Author ‘The Sleep Diet’
Sydney, Australia

Read Article
Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Robert Schneider

College of Integrative Medicine
Maharishi University of Management, USA

Read Article
Chris Berka

Chris Berka

CEO & Co-Founder
Advanced Brain Monitoring
Carlsbad, USA

Read Article
Dr. Robert Johnson

Dr. Robert Johnson

Medical Director
Amen Clinics, USA

Read Article
Dr. Emeran Mayer

Dr. Emeran Mayer

G Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress & Resilience, UCLA, USA

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Dr. Dr. Kaushik Ram

Dr. Kaushik Ram

Movement Expert & Author ‘Hidden World’
Sydney, Australia

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Business Experts

Our featured business leaders and leadership experts are listed below.

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Alison Pate • Executive Coach & Mentor
Anna Bligh • Former Premier, Queensland Government
Bradley Andrews • President, Advisian Digital
Helen Lyons • Executive Director, Executive Development Public Service
Juan Carlos Cubeiro • Head of Talent, Manpower Group
Misti Melville • Global Human Resources Director, BuroHappold Engineering
Yvonne Coburn • Leadership Development and Executive Coach
Sue Langley • Founder & CEO, The Langley Group
Sylvie Minot • Co-Founder & Director, Syzygy Dance Project

Skander Malcolm • Managing Director & CEO, OFX
Shree Paradkar • Journalist, The Toronto Star
Troy Roberts • Founder, RAW Impact
Brooke Schiller • Leadership Consultant & Coach
Grant Soosalu • Author ‘mBraining’
Bruce Cryer • Former CEO, Heart Math
Karina Reggenesier • Student of Business & Management, Zeppelin University
Kim Pate • Senator, Ottawa - Canada
Maurizio Floris • Program Director, John Grill Centre

The Dream Team

Thank you to all the incredible souls who helped us make this production happen. As a team anything is possible!

Below we have listed the contributions of all the talented professionals who worked countless hours on this project as well as those who assisted along the way.


Silvia Damiano • Director, Executive Producer & Writer
Simon Martin • Director of Photography, Camera & Editor
Relmi Damiano • Creative Director, Writer & Production Designer
Dave Agius • Production Designer
Lajla Mostic • Assistant Editor & 3D Artist
Damian Hood • Assistant Editor & 3D Artist
Emma Newman • Assistant Editor & 3D Artist
Max Takacs-Gal • 3D Artist
Nicole Lyons • Writer
Elise Cociuban • Music Composer
Roberto Benech Arnold • Music Composer
Kearon de Clouet • Sound Design

Douglas Lam • Web Developer & Production Assistant
Ayeesha Mukerjee • Designer & Production Assistant
Madelyn Beaufils • Production Assistant
Su Jung Kim • Designer & Production Assistant
Nick Simpson • Production Assistant
Santina Malacarne • Production Assistant
Salin Kong • Camera & Drone Operator, RAW Impact Cambodia
Heng Sary • Camera & Drone Operator, RAW Impact Cambodia
Leang Hour Kim • Camera & Drone Operator, RAW Impact Cambodia
Abraham Saikley • Photography Assistant
Robert Davy • Designer & Camera Assistant
Jason Capizzi • Camera Assistant


Antonio Vargas Ricardo • Kamala Tully • Ann Jackson • Lisa Gray • Jarman Massie • Jonathan Walker • Ben Nachmani • Melina Maini • Joaquin Besga • Ricardo Gonzalez Escobar • Gonzalo Rossi • Sacha Damiano • Melinda Hills • Geoff Heber • Mark Hodgson • Amber Jenner • Joshua Landua • Jorge Plaza • Blythe Rowe • Sharon Taylor • Phillip Baker • Caroline Monzon • Katie Hancock • Angus Rickard • Lisa Gorman • Santiago Puebla Sanz • Hayley Melrose • Isaac Herbert • Grant Herbert • Ben McNevin • Lucy Le Messurier Scott • Gail-Eaton Briggs • Deborah Pascoe • Jenny Vulcan • Laura Damiano


Troy & Nicole Roberts • Holly Day • Monique Sleight • Liz Wills • Dany Sruy • Joshua Shayer • Jethro Boyd • Tessa Dorotich • Blake Hale • Renee Keating • Peter Fitzgerald • Sor Petra (Mr Petra) • Lee David (Mr David) • Hen Very (Mr Vey) • Peng Tre (Mr Tre)

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David McCubbin • Tony Coburn • Katharine McLennan
Ken Chawkin • Cristina Wilson Porter • Florian Zdzidlaw

Advanced Brain Monitoring • Carlsbad, United States
Roxanna Geiger

Interaxon • Toronto, Canada
Ariel Garten • Chris Aimone • Ben Nachmani

WorleyParsons & Advisian Digital • Melbourne, Australia
Syzygy Dance Project • Sausalito, CA, USA
Amen Clinics • Los Angeles, USA
Herbert Smith Freehills • Sydney, Australia
Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University • Sydney, Australia
Cesar Diaz, On Hair Boutique • Buenos Aires, Argentina
Violeta Brown • Ipswich, Australia
Bathers’ Pavillion Balmoral Beach • Sydney, Australia
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences University of Buenos Aires • Argentina
Escuela Superior de Comercio “Carlos Pellegrini” • Buenos Aires, Argentina
BuroHappold Engineering • London, UK
John Grill Centre, University of Sydney • Australia
Cafe La Biela • Buenos Aires, Argentina
Parque de la Memoria • Buenos Aires, Argentina
Scandic Holmenkollen Park • Oslo, Norway
Maharishi University • Fairfield, USA
Oslo & Akerahus University College • Oslo, Norway
G Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress & Resilience, UCLA • Los Angeles, USA
- - -
Produced by the About my Brain Institute

Sydney Premiere Showreel

Our gratitude to everyone who attended our Premiere on July 25th, 2018. We appreciated your support!

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Check out the photos from the night!

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“Imagining the future starts in your brain, having the courage to implement what you imagine resides in your gut, making it happen is only possible with the passion of your heart.”

Silvia Damiano
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