i4 Tales Conference Creating Brain Friendly Communities & Cultures

An intimate half day event featuring expert presenters with facilitated conversations and tales from the community which are informative, inspirational and follow a story-telling style.

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About the Conference

The i4 Tales Conference is designed to explore and discuss how to develop brain-friendly leaders, teams and workplaces in a community setting.

This event is based on the teachings of the i4 Neuroleader Model, a framework that provides a pathway for people to understand how to apply the latest neuroscience findings to leadership, wellness and innovation. This gathering features high calibre speakers and facilitators, as well as selected members of the community who are invited to share their inspirational tales!

i4 Tales took place on June 3rd 2017. Stay tuned via our newsletter for our 2019 event!

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Learning the latest findings from brain science and related fields is a not a luxury but a necessity, if we want to affect change and create healthier workplace environments.

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A community affair

While this event is directed to business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and educators, the concepts can be applied by any person from any industry.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn more about how to optimise their brains, free their imagination to augment creativity, tap into their intuition for better decision making and unleash their inspirational power. Learning how to improve these abilities can increase anyone’s potential to become more productive and experience a more fulfilling life personally and professionally.

i4 Tales took place on June 3rd 2017. Stay tuned via our newsletter for our 2019 event!

Watch 2017 Recording Stay Tuned
  • Listen to our knowledgeable speakers

  • Tantalise your senses with a brain-friendly lunch

  • Network with people from diverse disciplines

  • Share your own story of how to lead more creatively

The i4 Brain-Friendly Organisation Award

Recognising dedication and commitment

Every year at our annual i4 Tales Conference we award an organisation that has made a significant effort in implementing ‘brain-friendly’ practices.

Being more ‘brain-friendly’ means understanding why we behave the way we do and taking accountability, making changes personally and at an organisational level to improve the overall culture and the way people work together.

If you want to enhance the 'employee experience' and get involved in our i4 Brain Friendly Awards, get in touch!

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