i4 Neuroleader Assessment Suite:
Simple Pricing, really.

Prices in AUD, excluding GST.

A Self Evaluation
A 360° Feedback Evaluation (up to 20 raters)
Report & Results
Digital Interactive Report (accessed through dashboard)
PDF Report Download (accessed through dashboard)
Luxurious Personalised Printed Report (incl. shipping)
Self Results
360° Rater Feedback & Breakdown Results
Benchmark & Rater Alignment Results
View Progress Results in future 360° Assessment re-measures
Team Report as a PDF Download (5 min 12 max people)
Development & Coaching
Self Paced Virtual Debrief Short Video Course
75 min one-on-one Virtual Debrief of i4 Report (non-corporate clients only)
Workbook: Leadership is Upside Down (incl. shipping)
Book: Leadership is Upside Down (incl. shipping)
The i4 Neuroleader Online Course (incl. the i4 Assessment)




130 AUD
130 AUD
55 AUD / person
300 AUD / session (add-on)
125 AUD (add-on)
75 AUD (add-on)

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