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We design brain based tools and experiences to democratise leadership & neuroscience.

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Our i4 Neuroleader Methodology, educational programs & digital tools aim to help you rediscover the inner core abilities required to lead and thrive in this ever-changing world.

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In this edition we are partnering with non-for-profit organisation RAW Impact whose mission is to bring together a movement of people willing to get hands-on in the fight against some of the greatest injustices in the world.

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What people say

A contagious energy!

Management Guru, Head of Talent at Manpower & CEO of Right Managment

Testimonials from the National Association of Women Business Owners in Silicon Valley

"Simple, logical and amazing navigation. The reporting function alone puts this 360° tool at the top of the list. It is also differentiated by personal leadership and development, which includes the latest research on the brain where there is so much more potential to tap into."

Geoff Martin

Senior HR Professional

"The i4 Neuroleader profile is an amazing tool that any individual can and should experience to gain a better understanding of what they can do to grow as a person and express the best of who they are."

Francoise Nicoloff

Brain & Hearing Expert

"The i4 Neuroleader Assessment is the 'must have' performance assessment tool of any leading organisation interested in maximising their output and competitive edge, whilst keeping their teams happy and engaged."

Nils Vesk

Innovation Architect

"If you want to be involved in the kind of product that can change the world, make a difference and release people's full potential, become an i4 Practitioner."

Tiffany Wann

Learning & Development Expert

"i4 gives you the opportunity to recognise where your gaps are and understand what to do about it in order to develop your personal leadership."

Gina Hajdu

Leadership Coach

"I think the i4 Model & Tool can be applied right throughout an organisation whether you have a team of sales people, an executive team, whether your an organisation of 5, 10, 100 or 500! It is a great tool that can be used to help people grow their personal leadership and their effectiveness right throughout an organisation."

Melinda Hills

Learning & Development Specialist

"The work that Silvia & the team have done is unbelievable! The i4 Model is unique, tangible & so relevant in today's working environment. The program itself was amazing! Can't wait to start working the i4 magic with my clients!"

Blythe Rowe

Speaker, Trainer & Author

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