The i4 Neuroleader Model A personal leadership & well-being model

The i4 Model takes into account brain and body processes that have been relegated and in many cases forgotten when it comes to leadership and management practices.

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The i4 Neuroleader Model

Building Leaders for the Imagination Age

The i4 Model is a personal leadership and well-being framework that encompasses the competencies of Performance, Collaboration, Innovation & Agility, and their sixteen underpinning pillars.

The concepts that support this framework are based on the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, neurogastronterology, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, body movement, design thinking, strategy and positive psychology.

Learn how the i4 Model can be used in the development of leaders.

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Graphical Representation

The i4 Neuroleader Model

i4 Neuroleader  

A brain that is balanced and healthy can accomplish unimaginable things.


The optimal level - mental and/or physical - that one can achieve when executing a task.


The attainment of a common goal, through the effort of a combined body of people working together.


The generation of ideas, the tenacity to bring them to life, and the ability to enthuse others to support them.


The capacity to read and adjust rapidly to changing conditions in one's environment.
Leadership development must be more than the cognitive behavioural changes that we have been teaching for generations.

Why the i4 Model

Reviewed in the HR Daily Publication

The economic landscape and work environments have changed and become more complex than we ever imagined. Existing leadership models have not kept up with these changes, thus the need to adopt a renewed perspective on leadership.

The ‘i4 Neuroleader Model‘ proposes a novel approach to leadership and a more cost-effective way to reawaken the leadership powers within us, by first identifying our inner abilities and then learning how to use them more effectively.

Learn why the i4 Model is vital for the Imagination Age!

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Real Life Application

The i4 Model powered by the i4 Methodology

The i4 Methodology provides the tools and processes to develop and embed the competencies and core abilities of the i4 Model. Going beyond the traditional cognitive approaches creates a more holistic and inspirational experience.

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The i4 Methodology

A VUCA World & the i4 Model

Taking into account brain & body abilities

The i4 Model is named after four of the sixteen pillars that sit under Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility. These 4 pillars are: integration, inspiration, imagination and intuition. These abilities can have a significant impact on leadership effectiveness, helping leaders better respond to a ‘VUCA’ world, a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Learn about these four abilities in more depth.

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  • Integration

  • Inspiration

  • Imagination

  • Intuition

Creating the i4 Model

Interview with Silvia Damiano
CEO of the About my Brain Institute


Based on real research

Truly integrating brain science & leadership

The i4 Neuroleader Model is based on many years of research undertaken by Silvia Damiano. In her book, 'Leadership is Upside Down', she explains the rationale, thinking and science underpinning this development and why leadership models need to change.

Explore the i4 Model in the book Leadership is Upside Down.

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The i4 Model Curriculum

4 Competencies, 16 Pillars and 48 Elements

The i4 Model is made up of competencies, pillars and elements that are important to consider when developing as a leader. The model in its full display is called the i4 Neuroleader Model Curriculum. This structured mapping forms the basis of all the About my Brain Institute’s programs, certifications and resources.

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