The i4 Neuroleader Program Create the Leader in You

Leadership is in human nature and the skills to lead inspirationally and effectively can be learnt. The world needs leaders more than ever and you can certainly become one.

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Lead others with your brain, heart and gut

New advances from different scientific fields are helping us better understand how our brains and bodies function and the incredible impact they have on the way we lead.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, educator, change agent or business leader, understanding your biology will help you gain insights into yourself and prepare you to make better decisions, motivate others and acquire a new perspective on life.

Learn how our i4 Neuroleader Program can help develop your personal leadership.

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Leadership has Changed

Be prepared to cast off old ideas!


Learning with the i4 Model

A model designed to guide the transformation of the leaders for the Imagination Age

The economic landscape has changed and work environments have become more complex than we ever imagined. Existing leadership models have not kept up with these changes, thus the need to adopt a renewed perspective on leadership.

The i4 Neuroleader Program, based on the i4 Model, proposes a novel approach and a more cost-effective way to re-awaken the leadership powers within us. Taking the time to identify our core abilities and learning how to apply them to what we do, are the initial steps in your leadership journey.

Download our Program Guide to learn how the i4 Model can help you become a more effective and creative leader!

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Imagining the future, planning, prioritising, regulating our emotions and being aware of our behaviours are some of the functions that the brain is capable of producing. Learning the secrets of how to optimise our brain’s performance has now become critical in the development of a leader.

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Begin your leadership journey today!

You can experience the i4 Neuroleader Program online at your own pace, or you may choose to complete the full program by attending one of our face to face Masterclasses in a city near you!

To learn more about the i4 Neuroleader Program, explore the learning options below or download the Program Guide!

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Online  i4 Neuroleader Course  A 4 hour video-based leadership training program that teaches you how to  become a more creative and effective leader at work and in life.
Online + Face 2 Face  i4 Neuroleader Masterclass  A 1 day experiential masterclass that explores how to lead in an era of ideas,  where the command & control style of leadership no longer works.

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